The TCC Difference

A Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition

At Toowoomba Christian College, our unique Prep - Year 12 curriculum focuses on the formation of each student. Our mission is to prepare students in spirit, soul and body to serve the Living God in today’s world. We are a Christian School in the Liberal Arts tradition because we believe it to be the best educational approach to achieve this purpose.

We believe that through its cooperation with the work of God, true education liberates. When we come to understand the reality of the True, the Good and the Beautiful; when we align ourselves to God’s created order; when we grow in wisdom to understand God’s world and how to operate best within it, we become liberated, which is one of the reasons for the name The Liberal Arts.

This approach enables us to provide a distinctive educational experience for our students, expressed throughout our curriculum and school culture. We believe that our Liberal Arts context provides unique opportunities that are foundational to the formation of each student, ultimately focusing on equipping students in wisdom, as well as knowledge. Our students are able to discover their Creator and their created purpose throughout their educational journey, preparing each as young people of Godly character.

As part of the TCC Difference, we provide our own Year 12 Certificate that supports our educational philosophy and enables us to provide opportunities beyond the QCAA syllabus – find out more here.

Distinctive characteristics of a Liberal Arts education include:

Interconnected Learning

Our approach to learning is interconnected; we believe the foundations that are taught in the early years of schooling are essential for the development of self-aware, critical thinkers, who desire to grow in wisdom and understanding.

An Intentional Approach

Across Primary and Secondary, our curriculum is designed to meet students where they are in their learning journey. Examples of this include a play-based approach in Prep, and a focus on deep thinking and analysis in Year 12.

A Love of Great Literature

Throughout their learning journey at TCC, students will be exposed to a number of great literary works – from Peter Rabbit in Prep, to Homer’s Odyssey in Year 5, to The Abolition of Man in Senior Secondary. Literature is the autobiography of humanity, and our hope is that through grappling with these texts, students would develop a lens through which to view themselves and their world.

The Story of History

We have a purposeful focus on teaching the story of History, desiring to help students understand themselves, and their place in the world and time.

Encouraging Big Questions

Our graduates will have grappled with what it means to be human, the nature of truth, and humanity’s ultimate purpose.

Focus on Truth, Beauty & Goodness

Our aim is to develop a love of, and a desire to understand, the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of God within the hearts of each of our students. We believe the recognition of this is foundational in coming to know both the wonder of being made imago dei (in the image of God) and the discovery of each person’s God-given purpose.

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