Overview of Secondary

At Toowoomba Christian College, we believe learning is interconnected, and so in the Secondary years, we build upon the essential learning foundations that have been established through the early years of schooling. Our goal as educators is to form self-aware, critical thinkers, who desire to grow in wisdom and understanding.

Our mission is to develop young men and women who:

  • Desire to do God’s work in the world
  • Speak, write and think with clarity
  • Are able to give a reasoned and logical defence for their opinions
  • Are well and widely read, steeped in the classics
  • Have a broad general knowledge, especially of Western history

As a Christian school in the Liberal Arts tradition, our Secondary curriculum is focused on helping students analyse and discern knowledge, develop enquiry skills and structure ideas. Our aim is to help students develop critical-thinking skills, where they are able to independently, logically and effectively think and express themselves. Throughout learning in Secondary, students are encouraged to ponder and ask big questions, and are empowered to analyse and process multiple pieces of data to problem solve. 

In the later years of Secondary, our aim is to help students synthesise their ideas and actively draw upon their own knowledge to build meaning and understanding together, and communicate these clearly and persuasively. At this stage, Socratic dialogue is engaged in classrooms to hear and evaluate individuals’ opinions and reasoning as the Truth is pursued together.

Our curriculum structure across the Secondary years is designed to provide students with a diverse range of subjects and learning opportunities that, paired with our educational approach, empowers them to discover their God-given abilities and purpose.

Come and see for yourself

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