Our Enrolment Process

Before we offer students a place at Toowoomba Christian College, we conduct a comprehensive enrolment process. This is an opportunity for the school to not only get to know your child and family, but to also provide you with further information that will help you make an informed decision about the enrolment of your child. 

We believe that our approach to education not only enables each student to discover their God-given potential, but provides a foundation for each young person to grow in wisdom and character, equipping them with skills that extend beyond their years at TCC. We acknowledge that our school may not align with every family’s needs or values, so we ask that you carefully consider our mission, educational approach, school culture and student expectations before proceeding.

Our Enrolment Process

Our enrolment process is as follows:

After contacting the school to enquire about enrolment, parents/carers will receive an enrolment information package to review. A time will also be organised for an information interview and/or tour.

Parents/carers lodge the Student Enrolment Application form with the school’s Enrolments Officer.

Please note that an application does not guarantee an offer of a place at Toowoomba Christian College.

No preference is given to the order in which the applications are received. 

After receiving the Student Enrolment Application form, the Enrolments Officer will make arrangements for an enrolment interview with the Principal. 

Application interviews commence in Semester 1 in the year prior to commencement.

Enrolment outcomes are decided at the discretion of the Principal. Following the enrolment interview, a letter outlining the outcome of the application will be sent to the parents/carers of the student. 

Successful applicants will receive an offer of enrolment package for their consideration, which will include the School Standards Explanation and Behaviour and Performance Expectations. If parents/carers wish to accept the offer of a place for their child, the School Standards Agreement will need to be signed and returned to the school. Upon receipt of the completed form and all other required documentation, the enrolment will then be confirmed in writing. 

A non-refundable enrolment fee of $250 per family is required to secure a place for the student/s.

Enrolment Documents

2023 Prep Enquiry Information
Student Enrolment Application

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