The Arts

As a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition, we believe the Arts help us understand what it means to be made imago dei – in the image of God. Through our curriculum and opportunities in drama, music, and visual art, we aim to encourage each student’s natural awe and wonder as they regard God’s created world. Through the Arts at TCC, our goal is to provide students with opportunities that help them to draw closer to God and discover who He has created them to be.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts gives students the opportunity to express themselves effectively, providing skills that can be used for a variety of purposes both within and outside of school. Within our Liberal Arts context, we believe that the performing arts are a vehicle for powerful storytelling that encourages individuals to seek Truth, and move beyond personal expression toward connection with God and others.


Across Primary and Secondary, we aim to not only teach musical skill to our students, but help each to recognise music as an act of worship, designed to be an exuberant offering from us to God to proclaim His goodness to all creation. Through the music opportunities we provide, we desire that students would discover for themselves, and in turn, reveal to others, the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of God.

We offer a number of extracurricular music opportunities to students, including choirs, ensembles and onsite tutoring.

Visual Art

Our Visual Art curriculum aims to develop students' creative skills and provide them with opportunities to express their creativity through experimentation with a wide range of styles, techniques and media. We believe that Visual Art helps students to learn more about God and His created world, stirring each to recognise His wonder, and to seek His Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

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