Student Formation

Our unique Prep - Year 12 curriculum focuses on the formation of each student.

At Toowoomba Christian College, we recognise that each student has been made imago dei (in the image of God) and so our educational aim is to not only impart knowledge, but also help each student desire and pursue the truth and wisdom of God in their own lives.

Our mission is to form young people of Godly wisdom and character, who recognise the transcendence of God’s Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the world and who grow to embody the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. We are a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition because we believe it to be the best educational approach to achieve this purpose.

Our goal is to help each student not only engage in learning, but discover the way they love to learn. Across both our Primary and Secondary years, we aim to cultivate an understanding of history, an appreciation of good literature, and a love of music and the Arts, believing that each of these work toward the formation of rightly ordered loves (ordo amoris) within an individual.

Primary Years

(Prep – Year 6)

The Primary years at TCC focus on providing a strong foundation that supports the academic and character growth of students across their schooling journey. By seeking God’s truth, we aim to develop wise learners and encourage natural awe and wonder as students engage with His created world.

Secondary Years

(Years 7 – 12)

Across our Secondary years, students are empowered to become self-aware, critical thinkers, who desire to grow in wisdom and understanding. Beyond job-preparedness, our aim is to help each student imagine the world as it should be, and equip them to play their part in making that vision a reality.

Culture & Opportunities

At TCC, we are dedicated to seeing each student draw near to God, and discover His Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Across our school, we provide a variety of opportunities, including extracurricular activities, that encourage students to grow in their relationships, both with God and with others in our TCC community. 

Student Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing staff support the educational and spiritual needs, learning, development and welfare of students at TCC. Support services, including learning assistance, is available to students across Primary and Secondary.

Come and see for yourself

Our personalised onsite tours are the best way to get to know our school and community. We welcome you to visit and discover the TCC difference. To book, call us or fill out our online enquiry form.