Welcome from the Head of Primary

As a Christian School in the Liberal Arts Tradition, we strongly believe in an education that works with parents to lay strong foundations for students to build upon. We believe these foundations are not only learning academics, but growing in understanding of God to ultimately make this world a better place.

To achieve this at TCC, we aim to see students develop resilience, kindness and care, and help each realise that they need to work hard to continue growing in knowledge and skill. Our desire is to see students transformed by their ability to read God’s Word, The Bible, and apply it to their lives as the source of all truth. We see each student as a unique individual, created in God’s image to fulfil His purposes. Each student’s uniqueness is endorsed, educated and celebrated within the Liberal Arts education tradition.

We have a community of like-minded staff who support the learning and growth of each student, contributing to an environment where all are taught to seek after God’s truth, goodness and beauty in all that they encounter in life. Parents, students and staff all work together to raise up the next generation: a generation that knows and loves Jesus while growing in resilience and knowledge.

It is an absolute pleasure and honour to serve this school community that I have grown to love over many years of service.

Mrs Juanita Lodder
Head of Primary

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